Work Day

We were honored by the overwhelming response to our invite, so thanks from the bottom of our hearts for that. 

Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of the day. We’ll be meeting at the front parking area off of Anderson Road (600 Anderson Rd, Sprakers, NY 12166 will get you pretty close for GPS) at 9am for coffee/tea and a brief orientation. We can get people assigned to jobs, go over the general plan for the day, and answer any questions folks may have.

If you have gloves you like, tools that might be helpful, or drinks/lunch items you want, please feel free to bring them along. No worries if you don’t; we have a small fleet of loppers and will provide gloves, lunch and plenty of snacks and drinks. If you’ve got gas powered equipment please let me know what fuel it needs so I can provide it. As you know electricity is sort of non-existent back there but we do have a generator to power up as needed. 

A few things to note.

We have spent some time going through the work area trying to make assessments on safety and logistics. With that in mind we’ve already felled any large trees in the target areas so as to minimize risk on the work day.

It’s spring in New York so the ticks and bugs are out in full force once again. We have multiple twenty percent picaridin spray bottles and have had really good luck keeping ticks off.

We also recommend a change of clothes for the ride home. The plan is to set up a tent in the parking area as a changing room.

If you have any questions we haven’t covered please let us know.

Long pants and closed toed shoes

A change of clothes

A can-do attitude and ALL YOUR MIGHT!