Finding the Forest

Fog Veil Wylde is situated right in the middle of Yatesville Falls State Forest. Access to the main camp is via an unnamed state preserve road clearly marked by a brown NY state forest sign off of Anderson Road. The road itself is seasonal, mainly gravel/dirt and at times somewhat narrow. While traffic is usually pretty minimal it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for oncoming cars and use turn offs when available.

Our parking area is on the right hand side approximately .7 miles from the turn off of Anderson Rd. Two wheel drive vehicles should be able to find parking near our driveway, trucks and other 4wd vehicles can pull off into the driveway itself if there’s room.

For those less inclined to drive back into the forest we also have a level gravel parking area at the front of the property along Anderson Road. We would need to arrange transport from there back to camp unless you feel like walking the mile or so along the road. Please get in touch with us beforehand so we can make arrangements.

Regarding Buggies

We have many Amish neighbors and both buggies and pedestrians are a common sight. It should go without saying but please watch out for pedestrians walking along the shoulder of local roads and move over as much as possible.

Buggies are something not everyone has encountered before so here’s a quick primer we borrowed from Lancaster County:


Approach and pass buggies slowly. When it’s safe to pass, make sure your vehicle is at least 20 feet in front of the horse before you get back in the travel lane.


No horns please! Horses can be spooked easily, especially by loud noises like car horns.


Leave plenty of room. While driving, be sure to give the buggy space by not following too closely. It’s also kind to allow a little more room between you and the buggy while stopped, as buggies tend to roll back a few feet after stopping.


Observe their driving habits. Horses and buggies will drive as close to the right side of the road as possible, but move towards the center when making a left-hand turn. Many buggies have turn signals, or the driver will use hand gestures to signal.


Keep an eye out for horses at night. Buggies are illuminated at night, however, the horse may be dark and hard to see.

Dressing for the Forest

If ever there was a time to don yer wellies… this is it. As you may have noticed we’ve had some rain this year and things may be a tad damp. We didn’t name it Fog Veil for nothing.

Other than decent footwear we would encourage everyone to wear long pants and weather-appropriate outer layers. It’s not going to be sunny in the forest and that’s just how we like it. So bundle up if you have a tendency to get cold and always remember – cotton will NOT keep you warm if it gets wet